Play Attention Success!

Many thousands of people use Play Attention across the globe.  We are always excited to speak with our Play Attention families and professionals to hear of their successes. We invite you to read these inspirational stories of hope, new found happiness, and success! We have launched this new section on our website called Success Stories to provide a voice and face to real people making positive changes in their lives through Play Attention. Be certain to visit this page often as we will feature a new success story each month.

I could not be happier with the results…Dheepak’s hyperactivity has gone down tremendously!

My son Dheepak only started to read and write at the age of 6.5. All the doctors I took him to told us that he had developmental delay. However, after visiting an education psychologist who did a QEEG (mind mapping ) of his brain, I discovered that he had ADHD.
As per the psychologist’s recommendation I took him to weekly neurofeedback sessions. These sessions were taxing for both me and Dheepak as it required me to travel outstation. Some sessions were simply a waste of our time and money as he was unable to focus during the neurofeedback session. Finally, I decided to purchase a neurofeedback machine from the UK, and the dealer promised to provide me with training on how to operate the machine. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a nightmare as the machine was too complex to be operated by a lay person. Then, after much research, I found out about Play Attention and decided to purchase it.

She has more capacity to stay calm. That is awesome improvement!

I have been homeschooling for 5 years. My oldest daughter, Katherine, would really struggle to stay focused. It was almost a constant effort to redirect her attention. Even her younger siblings were able to focus better than she.  In addition, even though Katherine has already been through a year’s worth of vision therapy, Play Attention has still been a huge benefit for her.

When we started Play Attention, Katherine had already completed a year of vision therapy, and there were still two areas that were borderline pass/fail: visual tracking and short-term memory. Furthermore, vision therapy didn’t address her focus issue or behavior issues.

“It only took one session for me to decide that we need this system at home!”

We started using the Play Attention suite of games for our seven year old son, Eli during the spring of his kindergarten year. Eli was born with Down syndrome. He struggles with global developmental delays and especially struggles with poor impulse control as well as hyperactivity. In addition, Eli is a very restless sleeper. I have longed for him to sleep more deeply knowing that it would give his impulsive brain a restful break. We have used different supplements throughout the years to calm him. Eli also sleeps under a weighted blanket. While I’m certain none of our attempts have been harmful, nothing seems to show long-term benefit. As a mother on a mission, I have researched therapies, supplements, dietary changes, and calming techniques for years. When I discovered neurofeedback, I knew I had to try it for Eli. We used a system with a local psychotherapist and realized very quickly that it brought calming to Eli’s restless brain and body. Quickly, it became difficult to keep multiple weekly appointments for his neurofeedback sessions.

Read Eli’s complete story…

“The more she played Play Attention the more I saw improvement in her work”

I started working with Jane in August of 2013, she was my very first client after purchasing the Play Attention system and starting my company. She was a bright 8 year old who was falling behind in second grade and had been diagnosed with ADHD. She frequently got in trouble for being off task, not staying in her seat, and talking out of turn. She also had a very hard time with reading comprehension. During Jane’s first few sessions of Play Attention her scores were in the high 30’s and 40’s for attention. Playing each game for 5 minutes seemed like torture for her and she was anxious to move on to the next one almost immediately. We also did academic tutoring together and the more she played Play Attention the more I saw improvement in her work.

Read Jane’s complete story

“If you are considering Play Attention, do not have any doubt.”

Our son’s attention issues were only evident through his lack of focus, lack of motivation, and lack of perseverance on a task. It wasn’t until second grade that our suspicion of him having at least borderline ADHD was confirmed when his very attuned teacher began giving us very pointed feedback on his lack of focus, difficulty with attention, lack of reading stamina. It’s been about five months now that he is consistently using Play Attention, and I notice a change in his focus and staying on task in school, play, and sports. Also, now his reading level is above grade.

Read Robert’s complete story

“Our son finally had a stellar focus at practice! Wow!”

My son was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 5. My husband and I had known our son was a wiggle worm and just always knew he couldn’t focus, but everyone would tell us that little boys were just active. I was seeking a way that my son could focus, be more socially adept as well as more coordinated in sports and physical activities.

Within a month of using Play Attention, I was getting comments from his fencing coach who told me that he was very “concentrated in many of his footing and moves that he hadn’t seen before”.

Now my son and I both use Play Attention regularly and are continuing to see results and progress. My thought as a parent was that if I knew there was a possibility that something could help my son live an easier life by re-training his brain and teaching him skills for a happier life; I was going to try it! I am so happy we did!!

Read Alexander’s complete story

“I can think and communicate more clearly now.”

I met Ruth in June of 2016. Her daughter, Susan, had asked if I could help her 85 year old mother who had been diagnosed with late stage Alzheimer’s. My first thought after meeting Ruth was, “This is definitely going to be a challenge.”

Now she loves Play Attention! Play Attention gave her a sense of personal control, independence, and confidence she so desperately needed.

Read Ruth’s complete story

“Play Attention has made a positive impact on both my professional and private life.”

I would like to share how Play Attention has made a positive impact on both my professional and private life. I am a 55 year old digital marketer in a large software corporation, who is also an amateur classical pianist in private life. Play attention has already played an active role at home and work, improving areas where I had struggled previously throughout my life.

Read Vincent’s complete story

“I treat this as exercise for my mind. I’m pleased with the results.”

I would be glad to share a personal story with Play Attention! In about four months, Play Attention has become something that has been very helpful to my work, my studies, and my personal well-being above all! Training two to three days a week for about 60-80 minutes per week has taught me not only how to focus my attention but to be more aware of my state of mind.

I have been and still am the kind of person who gets frustrated easily when things go wrong – something that is part of life and the human condition. Training continues to help me to become aware of my state of mind – when I’m relaxed or stressed, awake or tired, disciplined or scatterbrained – and that helps me to decide what to do with myself.
Read Michael’s complete story…

“Thomas’ teachers have no concerns, and he loves middle school!”

I was first concerned about my son, Thomas, who seemed to have a lot ​of difficulties in school. We tried parenting strategies, but it was hard implementing all of the components. We tried a neurofeedback program, but it became an on-going cost with multiple office visits per month. I continued to search for a reasonable solution and came across Play Attention. It sounded perfect. It had been proven through research to retrain the brain’s connections and was practiced in a fun and innovative way. The cost was especially appealing since it was the least costly out all of the options I had come across.

Read Thomas’ complete story

“I can see a huge difference in Eretz’s self-esteem and ability to control his body. I am so proud of how far he has come!”

I started working with Eretz about 3 months ago. When I first met him, he had a difficult time staying in his chair and refraining from touching every part of my computer. I learned that he was always in trouble with the teacher and always seemed to be singled out. During our Play Attention sessions now, Eretz always asks permission before getting out of his chair, sits with his hands on his lap, and he as learned the difference between looking at something and focusing on something. I can see a huge difference in his self-esteem and ability to control his body.

Read Eretz’s complete story

“Play Attention will allow me to know how to stay mentally active throughout my ‘golden’ years.”

I used Play Attention with myself and also my neighbor’s 15 year old son who has autism. The Play Attention games that I believe helped him to create that kind of self-empowerment were the same that I used to improve my own productivity with my personal life & music projects.

Read Samuel’s complete story

“Luke is a dear, loving, and intelligent boy. His symptoms were very difficult to manage in the past, when we did not know what we were dealing with.”

Luke has been experiencing steady improvement across many parameters this year. It’s been exhilarating to map where he has come from, to where he is currently tracking. We know Play Attention has been instrumental in this improvement with his reading, work in class, and comprehension.

Read Luke’s complete story…

“My daughter ​Layla started facing problems in reading in grade one.​ ​She was doing poorly at school​, so ​​I took her to various specialists.

After consulting several professionals, we started Play Attention in February. As of today, (May), she has improved a great deal in all subjects, including Arabic, English, French, Science and Math. It ​has ​even reflected on her self-confidence​, as ​she is more confident and happier at school.​​

Read Layla’s complete story…

“Emmanuel’s mother states she has not had a call or email from the teacher this year, which is amazing.”

Emm1One of our Play Attention professionals shares a couple of her exciting student success stories. Read how Emmanuel controls his impulsive behavior and improves his reading ability. Victoria has also made great gains. “With the help of Play Attention Victoria was finally able to achieve the status of a Beginning Reader score with her scores continuing to climb with each testing.”

Read Emmanuel’s and Victoria’s complete success stories…

“Frederic’s progress with the play attention system has been beyond anything we could have expected.”

freddy 2
Frederic was diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome in 2012 at the age of 8 years old. His existing school refused to continue with his education because they had no facilities to deal with a child on the autistic spectrum. On the 27 December 2015, Frederic started his very first session with the Play Attention system and everything has changed.

Read Frederic’s complete story…

“Our son has always been advanced for his age. Potty trained before he was 2, reading books before he was 3 and the list could go on and on. “


He is creative, perceptive, original, works best by himself, must finish the task at hand, he is sensitive and generous. It was not until 3rd grade that some of these wonderful traits also became a hardship.

Read Andrew’s complete story . . .

“We are very happy with the results we have seen so far and look forward to the progress our children will make playing on Play Attention.”

JD_smWe have two young boys, and I was looking for something to help improve their attention and responsibility for school work. I found Play Attention while searching online. I was very excited when I found and researched their program.

Read JD’s & Bradley’s complete story . . .

“Overall I am pleased to say that he did much better than my expectation.”

Max_Dad_2My parents wanted me to learn to focus and concentrate better, so they bought Play Attention to help me. My mum found Play Attention on the internet. I think working with Play Attention has helped, as I was easily distracted in the past.

Read Max’s complete story . . .



“I have noticed a big difference in how Keara focuses on her homework, and in what she is able to remember and understand.”

K_Success_SMI have no doubt that a big part of her improvement is from what she has learned from the Play Attention software. For anyone who has a child with ADHD, I would highly recommend the software. A special thanks to the Play Attention team for such a great product!

Read Keara’s complete story . . .

Kathy had returned to her work as an upholsterer and, in her own words, “I have many more years of real life ahead of me.” Larry put it simply, “I got my wife back.”

Happy_Old_Couple_NRThis is Kathy’s story presented to Play Attention by one of our professional clients. Read more to learn how Play Attention has helped Kathy regain skills that were at one time lost due to Alzheimer’s.

Read Kathy’s complete story . . .



“What I really like is I have seen other kids getting out of control and Mark has stayed calm during these times and actually was the voice of reason to get others to slow down, calm down, and be reasonable.”

Mark_SMWe wanted to share with you a recent correspondence between our support staff and one of our Play Attention home clients.  We can help you start seeing the successes that Violet now reports!

Read Mark’s complete story . . .


“Learning new skills and focus for the moment of competition can lower performance anxiety. Lower performance anxiety frequently improves performance.”

Dr_HavlicekI use Play Attention with children and adults with ADHD. The neurofeedback training Play Attention provides enables patients to improve their attention and focus.  Patients’ improvement can be monitored with standardized tests of visual and auditory attention.

Read Dr. Havlicek’s complete story . . .

“Watch the top performers in sport; they focus on the task in hand with no fear of the outcome. They achieve without FEAR.”

sports_1Over the past 40 years I’ve been a performance sports coach in various sports. I have been involved in coaching several players to achieve very high, even number 1 ranking on the ATP Tennis tour in doubles.

Read Leon’s complete story…


“We have gone from anger and frustration to pride and sense of accomplishment in ten short months and I have a son who is actually keen on beginning new challenges.”

Nathan_ThumbNathan just graduated from Grade 6 last week.  June also marks his 10th full month of Play Attention. When Nathan began the program, he struggled with sitting still and focusing for even the briefest time period.  As a coach, I was kept very busy marking every movement, fidget, distracted and off-task behavior.

Read Nathan’s complete story…

“It is with much emotion that I sit at this computer writing about my son’s experience with the Play Attention program.”

HopeActual Thank You Note From a Play Attention Parent: We are so delighted with Julian’s progress and his eagerness to continue learning with more focus. He is a happy little boy. Early intervention is the key.  Following the Play Attention program has been a blessing in our life.

Read Julian’s complete story…

“The Play Attention brain training made it possible for me to focus, do my work, my homework and that is excellent.” – Cameron, Age 12

Before Play Attention training I would stare in space and think of nothing. I have the power to think of nothing.  My Mom got really, really worried because homework took all evening. She had to constantly help me with my homework. Since I have done Play Attention, my homework now takes one to two hours. And I do it on my own! My Mom just looks it over at the end or when I get stuck.

Read Cameron’s complete story…

“I listen to Mrs. Kobs [his teacher] better now.” – Pablo, Age 11

Although using Play Attention requires commitment, what I like about it is that Pablo finds it enjoyable and effective. It was heart-warming to see him explain the program to a friend who is considering using it for her nephew and conclude his presentation with the statement, “I listen to Mrs. Kobs [his teacher] better now.” I am pleased to have found a way to treat ADHD that addresses its causes instead of merely temporarily masking its symptoms. For our family, Play Attention is an essential component of a holistic approach to ADHD.

Read Pablo’s complete story…

I believe this game has greatly helped my daughter academically.

Time on Task Game: Currently she is in the advanced level. This particular game has helped her so much to finish her homework assignments. Before Play Attention when you ask her to work on her homework, it took forever to finish it. She tends to answer one number then draws on the paper or plays with her pens.  More often than not, it results in a fight between the both of us.  But as we practice Play Attention’s Time on Task game on a regular basis, I have observed my daughter finishing her homework even without someone actually sitting next to her to guard and compel her to work.

Read Caroline’s complete story…

Play Attention has been a great stepping stone in my self improvement plan, and it can be for you too.

Like many adults with ADD, I wasn’t officially diagnosed until I was in my late 40’s. I decided to change carriers by going back to college. It was then that I started using Play Attention consistently.

If you’re an adult with ADD, it’s never too late to make changes in your life for the better.

Read Richard’s complete story…

I believe the greatest factor was Play Attention and the ability to focus not only on doing well in the classroom, but socially as well.

This summer I ran a pilot program for ADHD students. The components used were to improve focus, working memory, and social skills. I have had a few years of experience using Play Attention with my clients and I chose this program to help with focus.  I’m proud to report not only did we see improvement after the summer program but the three students that persisted until the end are showing improvement in their academic performance as well.

Read Dr. Chevette Scott Alston’s complete story…

Play Attention was one of the best, if not the best, investment for our son.

Avi was always very active and busy as a young kid.  He also seemed to have trouble learning letters in preschool.   When Avi switched to a new school in kindergarten, his teacher noted that Avi could benefit from some of the services provided by the school.  By the time Avi was 8, we had our official ADHD diagnosis with some mild learning disabilities.  After trying numerous medicines as well as neurofeedback, acupuncture, etc, we finally arrived at a medicine that kept Avi calm and allowed for some focusing.  However, he still needed additional help focusing.  Fast forward to fifth grade.  One of Avi’s teachers was aware of Play Attention since her brother is a principal at a private school in Florida that uses the program.

Read Avi’s complete story…

I felt amazed the first time when I heard from Ramya’s teacher that she was doing great.

Ramya always had problem concentrating on a task and staying focused for a considerable amount of time. Eventually I found out about Play Attention a program designed to help kids with focusing, distraction, attention and listening. Few months after beginning her program with Play Attention, to my surprise I began receiving calls from her teacher that Ramya was doing great.

Read Ramya’s complete story…

After Play Attention training, Max made another attempt to sit for the gifted test and, to our joy, he got the passing score!

Play attention helped my son Max (age 11) to improve his short-term memory and processing speed — the two important characteristics that kept him from from passing the gifted test. In spite of the the general opinion that short-term memory is something given and inherited, I was looking for ways to work on it. It was our goal to get Max into the gifted program at school.

Read Max’s complete story…

Shawn now enjoys reading and got a 90% conduct grade!

Prior to Play Attention my conduct grades at school would indicate I needed improvement. Since I have been doing Play Attention my conduct grade has been 90%! I also feel good because teachers don’t have to correct me as much and ask me to stop talking. I’m also becoming a better soccer player because I’m able to focus on my skills and listen better to my coach.
Read Shawn’s complete success story…

Psych Matters, a Play Attention center in South Africa, shares exciting student successes.

Luca is a bright student, but he became bored very quickly in environments that presented him with low stimuli. He loves subjects such as maths and science, but could not maintain his focus and would lose attention in the mundane classroom environment.

The change has been dramatic in the months following Luca’s introduction to Play Attention in June 2013. Luca has not only earned better grades at school, but has demonstrated a notable improvement in his sporting ability according to his dad. Luca is now able to focus in a variety of situations – no matter how mundane or ‘boring’ they may be.  Read more about the students at Psych Matters.

Play Attention gives him back a sense of control over his mind, and by extension, over his life.

When I first met George two years ago, he was unable to find his way out of his living room in his house. He had been diagnosed six years earlier with Parkinson’s disease and early dementia caused by exposure to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War.

Although I use a few other therapies with George, his favorite is Play Attention! I believe this is because Play Attention gives him back a sense of control over his mind, and by extension, over his life. Even while Parkinson’s disease slowly robs him of body control, Play Attention allows him to retain his mind and memory control. This is crucial for his psychological and emotional well being. Read George’s complete success story… 

Alec now participates in class, completes school assignments in a timely manner, and is very social.

Alec was having a hard time attending to tasks at school and at home. At first, he resisted Play Attention, because of the unknown, but within a month of my persistence, he requested to do it. To this date, we do it consistently three times a week and are 42 hours into the program. The best results have been recently when I went for his quarterly parent-teacher conference. They told me he actively participates in class, completes school assignments in a timely manner, is very social, is less frustrated with the possibility of failure, will self correct and initiates harder work from the teacher. Read Alec’s complete success story…

To witness the big difference Play Attention has made in this young boy’s life makes me proud to practice what I do, and help children realise their potential!

Joel started the Play Attention programme with me a few months before he turned six years old. He had been struggling to listen, follow instructions, complete tasks, concentrate in the classroom and had behaviour issues. Since beginning the Play Attention programme, Joel is now able to identify those troublesome behaviours that were causing him to become distracted. He can now rectify his behaviours and as a result he is able to concentrate much better without getting into trouble in the classroom, or at home. Read Joel’s complete success story…

Watching her success, I recalled how empowering it was to be able to offer Play Attention as a tangible solution.

Jasmine's SuccessAthletic, creative, dynamic, charming; yet discouraged, unfocused and crest-fallen – she came into my office 4 years earlier, fearful she wouldn’t be able to obtain the 2.0 GPA needed to try out for team sports.  Even worse, if she couldn’t compete in sports, then why bother with school?  Sports were the only success she knew.  While she dreaded school, she was willing to do anything that would enable her to back get in the pool again. Read Jasmine’s complete success story…



Play Attention has really made our lives easier.  The positive results benefit the entire family.

My son Cade was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and ADHD at age 5.  He was in kindergarten in the public school system, and had been asked to leave every day care, preschool, and summer camp he had ever attended. Cade now begins each school day with a Play Attention session.  It has really made a difference.  His ability to focus has drastically improved.  He is more confident.  He is beginning to enjoy the challenges that school brings, rather than just doing what it takes to get by. Read Cade’s complete success story…

“I was so happy the day Nabil started his homework without me even asking.”

Nabil's Success StoryWhen Nabil turned 7, he took the CPT II test and was diagnosed to have ADD (89.4%). After completing 40+ sessions of Play Attention, Nabil’s attention has significantly increased. His eye-hand coordination and general ability to finish the task at hand have definitely improved at the same time his focus and concentration have significantly improved. Nabil took the CPT II test again and his ADD level dropped down to 50% non-clinical. Read Nabil’s complete success story…

Andy finished 5th grade on the Distinguished Honor Roll!

Andy's Success StoryBy the end of 5th grade, Andy was doing so well with Play Attention that we had already begun decreasing the amount of time he was using it. Andy finished up his 5th grade year by making the Distinguished Honor Roll and by graduating out of his Cub Scout pack as the most decorated out of a group of 35 scouts. Read Andy’s complete success story…



Hari has impressed his teachers and made new friends!

Hari's success storyHari first came to us as a shy 9 year old who had been struggling with grades lower than his potential and related to behavior issues.  Since the Play Attention training, Hari has seen an increase in his ability to pay attention which really motivated him to keep trying harder. He saw his grades improve in school, remarks improve at home, and self confidence improve in himself. Read Hari’s complete success story…


A letter from adult client, Steve, “My wife and I have noticed a significant change in my behavior and attitude in life for the better.”

Steve's success storyMy only regret is that I did not find out about Play Attention sooner.  I have lived my life challenged by my ADHD issues.  Now, I have a tool that gives me immediate positive feedback so that I can and do train myself weekly to live my life with less stress and be a better person. Read Steve’s complete success story…



From failing to college bound!

Fatima has sustained these higher grades since January, making her parents and school teachers very proud. They have commented multiple times on Fatima’s effort and academic achievements. She was glowing when asked about the night of the prom, which she now has the grades to attend. Read Fatima’s complete success story…

Better grades, more confidence, and better test results!

“Before we found the school he’s in now, he was in a school that didn’t spot any difficulty even though Yosef was struggling.   No matter which school we tried, Yosef would come home each day feeling extremely frustrated.  At times he would complain bitterly about his teachers, blaming them for his difficulties.  Other times he would exclaim that he was simply unable to learn and that it was all hopeless.” Read Yosef’s complete success story…

Kayla made the honor roll!

From a very early age, our oldest child Kayla seemed to have trouble concentrating.  She was always very bright, and a fast learner, but anything could distract her. Her train of thought would jump from one thing to another so fast and so frequently, that sometimes it was hard to understand her.  When Kayla got to kindergarten, this became a real problem. When it came time to sit down and do her school work, she just couldn’t.  Again, we’re talking about a really smart little girl!  But if the assignment was boring, it was so hard for her to focus on it that she would get frustrated and even start crying. Read Kayla’s complete success story…

No, Don’t believe in me!

Pat and Jerry have been seeking outside support for their son, Peter, since he began the educational system. With a diagnosis of ADHD and learning challenges in 2nd grade and oppositional defiance by 7th grade, school became a perfect place for Peter to use his bully protection to avoid the pain of academic failure. In other words, if he got into trouble with his behavior, others might not notice that he had no idea what was being asked of him academically or socially. Peter bullied others to avoid feeling discarded. “I like my anger, because others won’t mess with me.” Read Peter’s complete success story …

Brody’s Story

Joyce Bowen’s son Brody always seemed to be on the go. Even as a baby, he seldom slept for more than five hours a day, and his rambunctiousness only grew as he got older. Soon, Joyce felt as if she were spending more time disciplining Brody than playing with him.

When Brody was old enough to go to school, Joyce began to receive telephone calls from his teachers. Brody was being disruptive, and he just couldn’t sit still in class. On one occasion, Joyce was informed that her son had hit a fellow student. Read Brody’s complete success story …

Look Who’s Talking

Play Attention is NASA inspired and used in thousands of homes, schools, doctor’s offices, psychologist offices, traumatic brain injury hospitals, learning centers, and athletic training centers worldwide. Here’s what they have to say…

Just a note to say that Luke is doing wonderfully overall. He has come to be able to consciously recall his focus in sports which thrills him & in school which thrills me. He has jumped a whopping two years in his level of reading development this year. All of his other grades were A’s…but mostly I am so happy that he is able to attend to things long enough to learn & understand. There are so many things that he is interested in & now he can find out about them. Great product! I am not sure where we would be without it.

Sheri, parent
Pittsburgh, PA

When Justis first started school, it quickly became obvious he had problems concentrating. His teachers told us that he wouldn’t sit still and that he’d often blurt out inappropriate questions. This didn’t surprise us – at home his temper was volatile. One minute he’d be playing, the next he was angry and throwing things at us. He was impossible to discipline.’

After Play Attention training he is calmer and he doesn’t fidget as much. He now gets dressed with less prompting, gets his own juice and even washes up the odd saucepan, which he never did before. Since he’s changed s o much in a relatively short time, our aim is for him to go into a mainstream secondary school.

Suzanne, parent
United Kingdom
Excerpt from Daily Mail

We’ve seen kids who were struggling to get good grades end up on honor roll, and we’ve seen kids who had serious behavior problems actually learn the mental self-discipline to help control their behavior. That’s one of the big reinforcements with Play Attention, because they can actually see their own progress. And when we’re talking about kids who come from a social deficit, they’ve never seen themselves progress at anything.
– Rob Gerst, Licensed Professional Therapist

I honestly believe that Play Attention helped change my son’s life.
And to me, that is priceless.
Barbara, parent
Old Fort, NC

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