Forest Hills

Marina Doulova, M.D.
ABC Psychiatric Services

Forest Hills, NY
Child & Adult Psychiatrist
Dr. Marina Doulova is a psychiatrist in Forest Hills, New York (NY) offering child, adolescent, and adult psychiatric care. Individuals seeking a psychiatrist in Forest Hills, New York (NY) will experience a calm and relaxing environment at ABC Psychiatric services’ upscale office. Patients are given complete confidentiality with a private waiting area and a separate exit. Dr. Marina Doulova provides a variety of services such as comprehensive psychiatric evaluations, medication management, individual psychotherapy, stress management, interpersonal relationships, behavioral modifications, and coping skills strategies. She also specializes in child psychiatry and works with children struggling with issues such as social anxiety, depression, mood disorders, and disruptive behavior. Dr. Doulova can help parents looking for a child psychiatrist in Forest Hills, New York (NY) deal with these difficult issues. She works directly with the child to enhance their coping strategies and offers solutions to handle emotional pressure. Dr. Doulova works with families closely, providing support and helping to understand the child’s condition. Dr. Doulova has seen great improvement and complete remission of symptoms in many of her patients. Patients can feel at ease with psychiatrist Marina Doulova, and receive the extra support needed to overcome obstacles in their life.

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