Finishing Tasks Strategies

Finishing tasks can be a problem for all of us, but for those with ADD or ADHD it’s a major issue. This applies whether you are an adult or child. Here are a few strategies to help:

1. Break the task down. Often times breaking a task into small doable segments will help you get the full project down.

2. Set a timer. During your task, set a timer to start and end. If you know you can clean your kitchen in a half hour, set the timer and stick to it. That way your kitchen gets cleaned in a half hour instead of three!

3. Prep! Place all materials needed for the job close to the job. For example, if you get all your cleaning supplies out the night before and leave them on your kitchen counter, you’ll be prepared for the full cleaning the following day. It also serves as a reminder and a little impetus to avoid procrastination.

4. Reward yourself. If you’ve done your prep and set your timer, your project will get done on time. Plan to give yourself a reward if you meet your goals. Remember to set reachable goals and appropriate rewards, i.e. don’t eat a whole container of Häagen-Dazs for just cleaning your kitchen on time.

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